Finding a Rental

Finding a rental in Howard County takes a little time and preparation. Just like the for-sale market, there is a shortage of rental properties as well. If you’re looking for a rental in the area, here are some tips:

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Look early and oftenSometimes it can take two weeks or longer to get a rental application approved and a lease signed. If you need to be a place by the first of the month, two weeks before is too late! Realistically you should start searching for and viewing properties 60 to 90 days before your move-in date.

Narrow the area you want to live in – Check commute times/routes, school zoning, and other characteristics you must have.

Practice the commute – Getting to work can be difficult in the DMV. If you are planning to move to an area you aren’t familiar with, do a run-through of the morning commute or ask someone who lives in the area what it’s like.

Watch out for rental scams – Every year prospective tenants are swindled out of money by scammers targeting would-be renters. Never send cash, wire transfers or gift cards for payment. The FTC has a website where you can learn how to protect yourself and report scams.

Use a Realtor! I can help you find properties in your area, put you on an email list so you can see “coming soons” before the general public, show you multiple properties at one time and help you submit your application. Contact me now or text me at (702) 340-8000 to get properties delivered to your inbox!