Simple advice on how to stage your home to sell

Professional home staging has become an integral and effective tool in the home sales process. A survey by the National Association of Realtors© found that 62 percent of  agents said staging a home decreases the amount of time on the market. Buyers agents surveyed also said staging to a broader audience can also increase a buyer’s offer. I enlisted the help of professional stager (and Maryland local) Laura Carr to help unwrap the mysteries of staging your home. Carr says all homeowners can benefit from staging when listing a home for sale or rent.

“Whether a home owner has resided in the home for a few years or 30 years, a stager’s assistance can be valuable in helping to highlight the home’s assets. Stagers can also furnish and accessorize vacant homes to make them more appealing.” Empty rooms can look smaller than rooms of the same size that have been properly staged.

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DIY Home Staging!

If you can’t fit home staging into your budget, she has some suggestions for DIYers. Begin by giving the house a deep clean. Dress up rooms with affordable accessories like pillows, candles and greenery. Pops of bright color, including art and rugs can warm up neutral walls and flooring. Avoid using strong air fresheners and sprays. The subtle scent from soaps, unlit candles and fresh flowers will keep the house smelling fresh! For vacant homes make sure all plants and flowers are artificial.

Carr says there are some common mistakes sellers can avoid when staging. Taking de-cluttering too far is one of them.

“If the home has built-in shelves that are an asset, completely emptying shelves won’t draw the attention of the buyers. It’s best to place some knick knacks, books, games, etc. to draw attention to the usefulness of the shelves.” Another common mistake is hanging artwork in the wrong place. Pictures should tie the room together, not float above it. You can also use accessories to draw attention to features like mantels and architectural niches.

If your creative prowess doesn’t lend to staging or you need to furniture to fill a vacant home, you can always contact Laura for a free consultation at (410) 533-4162, or online at

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